Boise Paintball Discount Prepaid Ticket

Save Big Bucks at True Paintball in Boise, Idaho.

Walk-in Pricing is $29 after tax + plus the cost of paintballs.
Click here to get our  Pre-Paid Discount Ticket

You’ll see some good deals on Groupon or Living Social, but when you add up all the included items, you’ll agree that the value of this deal is AWESOME!

*Rental:  Gun, Tank, Mask, Hopper)
*Admission:  Play any Indoor and Outdoor fields that are open.
*Air Pass:  As many compressed air fills as you need to play.
**This is a $29 dollar value for $10 ($9.43 + tax)

This pass requires that you buy four pods of paint at $3.25 each at the time of check-in.  You will pay $13 after tax at the time of check-in.  No combining of any other discounts or offers is allowed.

$10 Prepaid ticket. $29 Value!

After a total investment of $23 ($21.71+tax) you’ll have a couple hours worth of paint and admission / rental to the finest paintball center around.

So, just so there’s no doubt about this deal.  $10 up front (per ticket) and $13 for paint on the day you play.  It doesn’t get any better than that.