Paintball in Boise – Deal Analyzer

There are many vouchers and prepaid tickets out there.  I’m here to help you figure out what the best deal is for you!

Groupon – Sold by True Paintball
Groupon – Sold by Paintball International
Living Social – Sold by Paintball International / Paintball Tickets
Wednesday / Thursday 1/2 Price Deal
Friday Gear Owners save 1/2 off
Speedball Practice Promotions
Prepaid Ticket Sold on This Site! (of course you knew this would be the best) $10 for Rental, Admission and Air Fills.  Buy four pods of paint when you get in.

Which is best value?

We are still in the process of putting all this information into an easily digestible format.  Stay tuned for more information or call 208-994-3063 to talk to Lael or Jeremy.  They would love to help you get the best value!